I Wrote My Content… Now What: A Guide to Content Distribution

You’ve written your blogs, drawn up your infographics and typed up your newsletters: now it’s time to distribute. Sending out your content can yield major success or failure depending on how and who you send it to. For those who can’t seem to land positive results through content, here’s a guide on how to get the most out of content distribution:

  • Seek Influencers

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2014, 51 percent of consumers trust authoritative content over branded content or ads. This makes influencer relations a major part of a marketing strategy.  See what kinds of people are talking about your topic in the franchise industry. Once you’ve defined your target audience, find their greatest influencers so you can determine the best way to reach them. Traackr is an excellent online tool used to create and manage your influencer relations campaigns. The website allows you to search through thousands of influencers who might be talking about topics related to your content. This allows you to reach out to potential influencers and build relationships with them.

  • Build Relationship

After you’ve sought out your influencers, you can start to engage them in your campaign by communicating with them. Initially, it’s a good idea to start sharing some of their own content, like “retweeting” their tweets and “liking” their statuses. You want influencers to recognize your name so that when your content is published, they’re more likely to distribute it. Once you establish a presence, start directly contacting these leaders by mentioning them on Twitter or sending a direct message. Be sure to make a case as to why their audience would be interested in your content. People will only read blog posts and infographics if they can learn something. Make sure your content is relevant to your influencer’s community. It’s also important to keep stable relationships with different media outlets. You’ll want them too to recognize your name when you’re trying to pitch a guest blog or segment. Treat the press like your influencers in the way that you need to build and nurture your connection with them.

  • Ready to Share

Now that you’ve connected with your influencers and media outlets, it’s time to start sending out your content. Social media is always the go-to place for sharing content, especially for things like infographics and animations that give people a visual concept. Make sure to send it to your influencers so that they can further share it. For other written content like blog posts or white papers, it might be a good idea to create a weekly email list featuring a newsletter with blurbs of your articles. That way, you can draw in your audience with the most interesting parts of your content so that they’ll feel compelled to read more. Try to land guest article segments in different publications to get your  name out there and promote their business. Always be sure that the people who will be receiving the content will find it relevant to their lives.

Distributing content can be a difficult task when the internet provides us with endless ways to share and network. However if you stick to finding key people who can reach your audience with most relevancy and volume, you should start seeing measurable results from your content marketing. To read more on how to utilize content marketing as a tactic for promoting franchises, visit our content marketing blog at http://blog.fishmanpr.com/category/franchise-content-marketing/.



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