Why Your Franchise Brand Needs a Human Touch

What impression does your franchise leave when prospective franchisees first see and interact your brand online or even in print?

The unfortunate situation facing many companies is their audience has a hard time identifying with their brand for a number of reasons:

  • The corporate image is cold
  • Everything is a hard sell
  • Content is business-centric, instead of audience-focused

To improve franchise lead generation – gain more and higher-quality leads – you need to build a brand voice and create marketing campaigns that consistently speak to your audience using your unique tone. And you should use a distinctly human touch.

A Little Personality Goes a Long Way

Jenise Fryatt, marketing strategist for Smarter Shift, explained that your brand obviously isn’t a living, breathing human. That being said, your franchise – at every level – is made up of people who stand behind your brand. And with online marketing, you need to have a human touch or risk alienating high-quality leads who want to interact with people, not simply a corporate body.

Here are a few tips on how to humanize your content to gain more and better franchise leads:

Three Steps to Speak Human

The goal is to earn and hold attention, not grab it and let go. In the end, you want potential candidates to take action and fill out a request for more information about your franchise brand. It’s important to have your content and the story behind it add real value and explain why your franchise is the right choice.

  1. Be a Storyteller
    Storytelling should be the foundation behind any meaningful content strategy. Stories help communicate history, values, beliefs and much more. The more bogged down your social media or blog posts become with bulleted data points and statistics, the less your audience will be drawn to your narrative. Tell stories about your franchise’s history, values, case studies and culture.
  2. Avoid the Hard Sell
    It’s easy to fall in the trap of being a salesperson and just selling your franchise. Instead, illuminate franchise prospects with information, education and inspiration. Explain to your audience what makes your franchise stand out – how you differentiate yourself compared to other franchises in the same industry, without dragging anyone’s name through the mud. Your brand’s virtues should stand on their own without attacking the competition.
  3. Provide Relevance
    When creating your content, make sure it is relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. The path to investment for prospective franchisees is hardly a one-time event. Similar to B2B buyers, franchisees go through an extended process of discovering the opportunity, weighing the benefits and analyzing potential financial gains, among other layers of decision-making. You need a balanced approach that both provides relevant information for individuals at different points in the sales funnel, while also engaging with prospects as a trusted advisor.

A Voice that Rises Above the Noise

Having your own brand voice is essential when trying to improve franchise lead generation. Prospects want to see you, hear you and understand you. They seek a reason to connect and partner with you. Ultimately, potential franchisees need help reaching their goals and feel inspired to invest in your franchise opportunity.

Be authentic in telling stories that make individuals want to take the time and invest with your franchise.

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