Why Case Studies Are Critical for Franchise Development

Are you looking to expand your franchise brand but are struggling to attract high-quality prospects? It’s common to feel like you’ve tried everything to develop a powerful digital marketing strategy and still not see the results you want. One of the most critical – and overlooked – weapons in your marketing arsenal are case studies.

When creating a case study, it is important to:

  1. State the main issue
  2. Provide a solution and evidence
  3. Tell a compelling story with a clear outcome

Many franchisors use case studies as a way to reach prospective franchisees and increase brand awareness, showcase their operations and culture, and explain why their franchise opportunity is the right one to invest in.

Why Use a Case Study for Franchise Development?

Case studies provide facts and statistics to help potential franchisees realize how successful your franchise has been and continues to be. Creating case studies will help your franchise stand out from the crowd and be recognized as a strong investment opportunity. You also can get creative with your case studies – you can use many different formats, including SlideShare presentations, white papers and even video.

One franchise brand, Bojangles’, created a video case study to help with their franchise development campaign. By developing a video case study, Bojangles’ was able to showcase their growth and demonstrate to franchise prospects the brand’s potential for success.

Case studies can also be used as press material to help your franchise gain more exposure over a larger network.

How to Outline a Case Study

Before you start interviewing candidates, it is important to create an outline. These three steps can help you create an effective roadmap for your case study:

  • Step 1: Identify the problem. While your main goal is to gain new franchisees, you don’t want to brag or focus primarily on why your franchise is so great. Tell the story and then explain how your franchise can help.
  • Step 2: Showcase the process and solution. During this step, you should provide solutions that build off of the challenges that you highlighted in step one. This is an important part of the process because it is where potential franchisees can put themselves in the shoes of an existing franchisee and learn about the specific solution and how it was utilized.
  • Step 3: Show off the results. A case study is intended to showcase your results; so, make sure the outcomes are easy to follow by using pictures, graphs and other visual elements. Let franchisee candidates see how your franchise can work for them and why they should choose you.

Try creating case studies that will help differentiate your franchise from other investment opportunities. Come up with strong interview questions, address the challenge, create a solution and then clearly show the results. While the goal is engage with prospective franchisees and move them through the sales funnel, a positive side effect is maintaining a strong brand reputation and highlighting your strengths.

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