Where to Begin with Email Marketing for Franchise Development

Building an integrated marketing campaign for franchise sales isn’t complete without a strong email component. But, you can’t simply start blasting out emails to just anyone expecting to sell franchises. Of all marketing strategies, your email marketing tactics have to be precise and built on accurate, up-to-date data to get you the return on investment you’re looking for.

It’s definitely worth your time and effort to create powerful email marketing campaigns, considering the extent to which it can influence your bottom line. According to a 2015 report from Campaign Monitor, email generates the strongest ROI for marketers, with each $1 spent on email driving a $38 return on average.

A Baseline Understanding of the State of Email Marketing

To achieve this kind of success, you need to begin by understanding a few highly influential factors:

  • Over the past 5 years, email opens on smartphones and tablets rose 30 percent
  • Currently, 53 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device
  • Email campaigns built from segmented lists can boost resultant revenues by 760 percent
  • Ninety percent of the world’s data was created in the past 24 months

What Does this all Mean for Your Franchise Development Strategy?

Your emails must:

  • Be mobile-friendly
  • Target a specific group of people
  • Use clean data

How Do You Ensure Your Emails are Mobile-Friendly?

There are a few steps to creating emails that work well on smartphones and tablets.

Become a minimalist

This is usually a starting point for any email strategy, but the need for clear, concise and powerful copy for mobile-focused emails is even greater. The reason is there’s so little screen space to work with. The franchise leads and prospects that you’re trying to reach aren’t going to go through 1,000 words of copy and dozens of images only to be asked to take another step in the journey.

In this situation, simplicity is bliss for email users. The less distraction, the better. It gives you a stronger opportunity to make calls to action that stand out and earn clicks. With this in mind, it’s always better to integrate a unique CTA that asks the recipient to take a single step, such as downloading an industry report or signing up for your e-newsletter.

Size matters

Considering the minimal real estate and smaller screen for mobile users, it’s important to keep user experience in mind. This means using fonts, formatting and images that will easily show up. According to Copyblogger, it’s best to use at least size 14 for copy and size 20 for headlines. Anything smaller will likely trigger recipients to delete the message because they can’t read it without zooming in.

At the same time, it’s a smart idea to use a single-column approach to design. Creating more than one column tends to clutter the email and make the copy more difficult to read.

How Do You Segment Email Lists?

Creating a segmented list begins with a thorough understanding of your existing franchisees and what you’re looking for in future franchise prospects. One approach that helps in this process is building out personas, which involves looking at:

  • Demographics
  • Current Situation
  • Habits
  • Reasons/Objections to Investing
  • Decision-making processes

By doing so, you have the chance to target the messages of your emails to specific groups of people who share similar wants, needs and challenges—which your franchise opportunity may be able to address.

When you do so, you can positively influence open rates and clicks, while reducing the number of bounces, unsubscribes and abuse reports your email campaign generates. Your emails will be more relevant for the recipients and give them a reason to engage with your brand’s message.

Another key consideration is a clean email list.

What To Do About Data Hygiene

The foundation of a successful email marketing campaign is clean data. Blasting out your franchise recruitment message to anyone and everyone is not only a waste of your time, it’s also going to damage your franchise brand’s reputation with Internet Service Providers—which are made up of organizations like Gmail, Outlook and Comcast. These ISPs focus their attention on email recipients, making sure they’re only getting wanted, relevant messages and keeping spam out.

The more people mark your email as spam or report it as abuse, the more likely future emails will be blacklisted and you’ll never reach the people you actually want to.

Here are some tips to practice good email hygiene:

Give It Some Thought

Email is cost-effective and can be highly targeted to reach prospective franchisees. But, you need to take a strategic approach before jumping into it.

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