Is Your Brand’s Online Reputation Killing Your Franchise Sales Efforts? [Webinar]

How important is your franchise brand’s reputation? That’s not a trick question. Regardless of the inherent value of the services or products you provide, perceptions are the main force that will influence potential franchisees. With increasing frequency, prospects are taking it upon themselves to investigate and get educated about an investment opportunity well before they ever pick up the phone or fill out an online form.

Research is a key part of a potential franchisee’s decision-making process while they’re vetting your opportunity. As a result, online reputation management doesn’t solely affect consumers and in-store traffic – a negative reputation will kill franchise sales.

Measuring Your Online Reputation

According to the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, 65 percent of Internet users believe online search is the most trustworthy source of information about companies. This fact should stand out: That’s the greatest level of trust Web users put into an information source, both online and offline.

Why does this matter for franchise sales?

Franchise Update indicated 4 out of every 10 franchise sales is attributed to the Internet. If your brand’s online reputation isn’t quite a sparkling clean as it should be, your best marketing and advertising efforts won’t pay off as much as you expect – and you won’t even know why.

How this Webinar Provides Value

Like most consumers, your franchise prospects are well-versed in technology and are connected to the Web from almost anywhere. If they’re weighing their options between brands for an investment opportunity, you can be sure the franchise with a positive online reputation will attract their attention more than one with image issues – whether or not the complaints are legitimate.

Our webinar helps shed light on why online reputation is such a critical issue for franchise brands looking to develop their system. Additionally, we illustrate the merits of a content marketing strategy that takes aim at online reputation, helping to remove many objections that prospects might have when they begin looking into your brand.

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