Using SlideShare for Franchise Sales

SlideShare is an underutilized marketing tool for franchise lead generation. It is used to create, upload and share multimedia content including documents, presentations, infographics, white papers, webcasts and even video. According to Social Media Examiner, SlideShare is one of the highest-traffic sites on the Internet, with over 60 million unique visitors per month.

SlideShare is a powerful platform for distributing information about your franchise opportunity online. Through the use of specific tools and the benefit of many eyeballs, SlideShare provides an opportunity for your franchise to share high-quality content, capture leads and engage with a massive audience.

1. Capture Leads

Franchise sales executives can utilize SlideShare in conjunction with an existing third-party lead generation or automated marketing service to capture leads.

SlideShare allows you to add a lead capture form to the end of your presentations. Prospects are prompted to leave their information in a pop-up form to download a presentation and learn more about your franchise opportunity.

In turn, you are able to export their information and follow up with more audience-relevant content, or use your existing marketing automation platform to sync the leads directly into your current database or customer relationship management platform.

2. Improve SERPS

SlideShare gives you the opportunity to not only reach a wide audience, but also build high-quality links. Once you upload your content – including audio, video or animation – SlideShare automatically formats horizontally or vertically, and also intuitively pulls specific text from a presentation for SEO juice.

To gain a quality inbound link, be sure to link your SlideShare presentations to your franchising website. According to SlideShare, “Google goes crazy over links from SlideShare. Hint: They’re highly ranked.

3. Involve Your Audience

When it comes to engaging with your audience, SlideShare has several options that allow viewers to utilize your content. Users can subscribe to your SlideShare page and also share the content easily through their own social media sites directly from SlideShare.

Finding your target audience within SlideShare is important. Online marketing and analytics firm Kissmetrics indicated tagging your presentations with specific keywords is an important step to increase the likelihood of your content being found through a search. Utilize your existing audience by sharing your SlideShare content on your own branded social channels and the brand’s LinkedIn company page.

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you can add SlideShare presentations to your profile. Adding a SlideShare URL to your franchise card or email signature provides potential consumers a direct link to find information on your company in a multimedia, visual format.

When used effectively, SlideShare can help make significant inroads with franchise prospects by offering the resources prospects require to research your opportunity.

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