Tips to Make Social Media Work for Franchise PR

With social media being a dominating force in the world of communication, how can franchises utilize this mega networking tool to improve their PR results? Here are eight techniques for using social media to connect with investors and promote your business:

  • Keep It Brief and to the Point

With low tolerance for patience in today’s world of instant results, people want easily digestible information, quickly. Especially on sites like Twitter where characters are limited, make sure to keep posts short and simple. Using keywords or hashtags also helps to emphasize your main idea to potential franchisees without overloading them with information and messages.

  • Make It Buzz

Social media posts should either be newsworthy, clever or both. Investors want to learn about things that are relevant to the franchise world. Voice your post in a way that makes viewers think that they will become more “in the know” in terms of entrepreneurship from reading your tweet or visiting your blog.

  • Call to Action

Your posts should convince a potential investor that they should click your link, view your graphic or read your blog. Use compelling action words to convince a business person that the extra click is worth it.

  • Connect With the Press

PR professionals have transformed social media from networking sites to outlets for connecting with the press. Mentioning people or direct messaging on Twitter not only is more personal, but is an easy and quick way to connect with the press. This is a great way to communicate your pitch/company and could possibly help build a relationship with a media source.

  • Portraying Persona

Brand awareness can be executed with ease via social media. Utilizing design of the site, word choice in posts, and overall brand voice can help to create a positive persona for your franchise.

  • Conversational

Social media is the difference between speaking at your audience and conversing with them. With interactive sites, franchisors can connect with interested entrepreneurs by not simply spitting out information, but connecting with them to supply further knowledge that could lead to an investment.  Communication can be made more personal as social media transforms the traditions of old mass communication.

  • Build Brand Loyalty

Converting potential franchisees from fans to business partners is a huge plus with social media. With easy, casual forms of communications, investors feel more comfortable and build stronger relationships with their franchisors.

  • Social Media as Crisis Communication

Responding quickly in moments of crisis is made easier and more efficient with the help of social media. With the ability to immediately send out and respond to messages, communicating with businesses or franchisees in times of crisis can be handled in a more adaptable way. It also allows for quick updates in terms of the status of a crisis situation.

As social media continues to grow as a communication outlet, PR specialists will find new ways to utilize it as a tool to reach clients, promote a brand, generate leads and connect with the media. While these are just a few of the several ways that social media can come in handy for a franchise, you can start implementing these tips immediately to see improved PR results.


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