The Power of LinkedIn for Franchise Development

Have you found the right franchise development strategy to make your brand stand out? Many franchise brands have taken all the right steps, including putting out press materials regularly, engaging with social media followers and creating a dynamic franchise recruitment website. However, they still see lackluster results. What’s the missing piece?

Using World’s Largest Professional Network to Grow Your Brand

LinkedIn is a valuable, franchise-facing platform through which brands can boost lead generation, as well as nurture existing prospects.

How valuable is it?

Here are the facts according to LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a digital rolodex. With 30,000 long-form posts generated weekly, the world’s largest professional network on the Web has become one of the most effective social media platforms distribute content and reach prospective franchisees.

Converting Content into Leads

LinkedIn has a huge impact on your ability to generate solid leads and convert prospective buyers into new franchise owners. For franchisors, lead generation is oftentimes the most frustrating part of the job.

However, social media has alleviated some of the stress. Citing data from Franchise Update’s 2014 Franchise Development Report, Entrepreneur explained:

  • Franchise sales generated through social media rose by 267 percent last year.
  • More to the point, 40 percent of those sales originated specifically from LinkedIn.

Make Your Presence Known

Besides being a platform for professionals to share their resumes, LinkedIn provides a great channel for reaching a specific audience. Once you get your footing on LinkedIn, here are three ways to make your franchise brand stand out:

  1. Create a dynamic presence: Post early and often using engaging content that you know your target audience is interested in. Prospective franchisees want to know about the investment opportunity from multiple angles, so be sure the content you post helps answer questions about the franchise opportunity or the industry in general.
  2. Become a member of franchising and small business groups: This will provide you with the chance to network with a segmented audience that has interests in line with your own. You can participate in online discussions to build relationships, while also keeping your ear to ground to find out what’s most important to your audience.
  3. Establish a constant flow of useful information: Position your brand as a thought leader and an authority in your industry by keeping the channels of communication open with your audience. Prospective franchisees use the site to research your franchise, the CEO and other high-ranking executives throughout their decision making process. If they see a company full of insightful, knowledgeable and trustworthy leaders, you can generate greater interest in your brand and boost their confidence.

The Big Takeaway

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for supporting your franchise development efforts. LinkedIn can give you information about your target audience that other social media sites simply cannot. It is easy to forget the depth and scope of LinkedIn and how it provides businesses with the ability to engage a very specific, segmented audience. It creates the right context and environment for brands to share more about themselves and become a valuable resource for prospective franchisees.

Are you using LinkedIn in your franchise development strategy? If so, let us know how it has worked for you.

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