The Benefits of Strategically Using a Wire Service for Franchise PR

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You’re ready to announce your latest franchise signing, newest product or recent executive hire and you want to get the most mileage out of the press release that just underwent its final round of edits. So, how do you guarantee your full release runs on national websites? Simply put: A wire service.

By definition a wire service is a news agency that sends out syndicated news copy to subscribers by wire or by satellite transmission. This meaning, your press release will be sent to national daily newspapers (e.g., USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal,) national newswire services (e.g., Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters, Dow Jones,) trade publications in your specific industry segment and local newspapers in market(s) of your choice.

Aside from your news being featured on nationally recognized websites, one of the most prevalent benefits of using a wire service for your release is to maximize SEO potential. As a franchisor, you want to make sure that when possible franchise owners search for investment opportunities in your segment, your brand is near or at the top of the search engine results. Or when your qualified leads search your company’s name online, you want them to find content regarding the health of the company and opportunities available. Releasing your franchise pr news via a wire service is the best way to ensure your news will be seen using the right SEO for your brand.

In addition to the keywords you chose for your release, consider what will help your release gain the attention of readers. In this infographic created by ETHOS3, it shows that content with visuals gets 94 percent more total views. Many wire services will allow companies to include a free graphic or logo with every news release, while additional photos of new products, prototypes, etc. carry an extra fee.

Depending on the wire service you choose, it may partner with outlets or networks that will garner additional traction for your announcement and specific franchise pr needs. For example, Business Wire partners with the ad network, which has the capability of placing place press releases in ad blocks found at the end of extremely relevant articles on leading sites including: Inc., New York Times, ABC News and Slate, to name a few.

Wire services can also boost social media engagement with consumers and major influencers in your industry. Business Wire tweets every press release via its more than 65 industry-specific twitter handles, which provides increased visibility and social sharing potential.

Written by Lindsey Warriner

Lindsey Warriner is a Senior Account Executive at Fishman PR. Since joining the agency in April 2013, she has worked to secure press that has helped clients generate franchise leads and boost consumer awareness. In her free time, Lindsey can be found trying to conquer a new class at the gym, checking out the newest spot in town or cheering on her Minnesota Gophers.

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