Successfully Target Your Audience with a Franchise Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a central part of inbound marketing for franchise development. It is imperative that your content reaches the right target audience. The more segmented your audience, the more successful your franchise development marketing will be.

Overcome Complex Challenges

Many franchise brands operate with a diverse line of products and services, which can become a double-edged sword: They have many different offerings—which ultimately benefits buyers—but they also have multiple types of prospects that they are trying to reach. Creating one piece of content for a broad audience with diverse needs across multiple channels is extremely difficult. If you don’t have a strong strategy for prospective buyer engagement on an individual level, the content may not be relevant to them.

The Argument for Segmentation

The smaller and more focused the audience, the more targeted your content should be. In order to do that, develop a targeted content marketing strategy directed at reaching the type of potential franchisees you want to know about your brand and its franchise opportunities.

Here are five tips that will help you segment and target your audience with your franchise content marketing strategy:

Tip #1: Understand Their Needs and Wants. The first step is to get to know your audience. Utilize social media, surveys and interviews to find out what their needs and wants are and what they look for when investing in a business. Find out as much detailed information as you can so you can more easily speak to their needs and effectively position your brand opportunity.

Tip #2: Target your Content. Make sure you have different content for each audience. It is important to know that each buyer persona and target audience will have different needs and pain points when looking to invest in a franchise.

Tip #3: Spread Your Content. Each of your prospective franchisees will have different sources of how they get their information. Make sure to diversify your distribution by utilizing different blogs, social media channels and newsletters that reach out to multiple audiences. If you really want to know how your audience prefers to receive their content, ask them. This guarantees that you will be reaching them in a more efficient and impactful way.

Tip #4: Leverage Content Curation. Content curation helps you stay in touch with prospective buyers more frequently and save money. Content curation enables you to identify and share third-party content that meets the needs of your different audiences in an organized fashion.

Tip #5: Keep Your Content Organized. Create editorial calendars to plan and organize your content. This helps ensure you are creating relevant content for each franchisee segment. You want to update and send out your content on a consistent basis to gain your audiences’ trust in your brand.

Key Takeaways

Break up your audience into specific segments and create content that is relevant to each group of prospects. Reach out to your audiences by creating content that speaks to them, makes them want to read your content and sparks their interest in investing in your franchise brand.

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