How PR Impacts Franchise Sales

By connecting with the right people at the right time with the right message, PR allows franchise brands to leverage media coverage that compels potential investors to consider your franchise opportunity – helping you create a more robust franchise sales strategy.

How Are You Spending Your Money to Generate Leads?

Despite investing in a variety of methods including portals, brokers, outbound and inbound marketing, many franchise brands are still struggling with lead flow.

Meanwhile, digital marketing – including content marketing, paid ads and SEO – is also a strong option for generating leads; however, it’s a long-term strategy in many cases and may not fit the needs of franchise brands that want immediate results.

Here are a few ways you can improve your franchise sales by utilizing PR as a tool to gain media exposure and generate leads:

Tactic 1: Focusing on the Entrepreneurial Journey

It’s many Americans’ dream to own a business. It has given rise to broadcast shows like “Shark Tank” and other programs that showcase an entrepreneur’s journey. Many franchisees and their founders can relate to the challenging, yet enriching ride toward achieving their American dream. An idea surrounding a franchise brand founder’s entrepreneurial journey is not only relatable but also inspiring to potential investors. Their inspiring story is ideal content for multiple types of media, including broadcast, print or online at national and local levels.

Example: Fitness

When we began working with a leading big-box gym franchise in the fitness industry, the company only had five locations. Today, they have more than 135 in operation and another 100 in development. We pitched franchisee success stories, focused on how their journey as an entrepreneur led them to find success in their franchise location. Much of the success is attributed by their high-level media coverage that helped showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of franchisees.

Tactic 2: Highlighting the Uniqueness of a Growing New Franchise Category

In addition to a strong human interest story, journalists often can’t resist covering creative new concepts that fall outside of the traditional categories. These emerging brands stick out in the minds of investors and entrepreneurs.

Example: Paint and Sip

We’ve been a longtime partner with a retail franchise that pairs instructional art with friends, wine and a lively instructor to produce individual masterpieces. The company received over 200 franchise leads within 24 hours of an article Fishman PR sent out to national media outlets for the franchise focusing on the successful growth of their unique concept. The brand continues to expand and attributes PR as one of its key growth drivers.

Tactic 3: Targeting Markets and Emphasizing Demand

Different people relate to different franchises based on demographic, such as location, gender or age. By targeting a specific audience that would relate to a certain franchise brands and finding the best leads and media sources to put out information, you can quickly and sufficiently reach the right investors.

Example: Children’s Services

By determining select target markets that highlight the franchise opportunity for a children’s services franchise specializing in haircare and entertainment, we were able to secure media strategic coverage for the franchise brand. We highlighted its unique take on children’s haircuts while focusing on the age and location of consumers who would benefit most from the franchise’s service. This helps clarify the consumer demand for potential franchisees.

Why PR

These three companies, along with the hundreds of other franchisors we serve, not only saw immediate results due to the media exposure we secured, but continue to experience growth through consistent coverage. To view more of our work and see the power of PR for franchise sales, visit the Fishman PR website.

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