What is Influencer Relations for Franchise Brands?

PR is an extremely helpful tool for franchise companies trying to reach their audience. It promotes nurturing relationships, building trust and maintaining a positive image with investors and customers. However, influencer relations – a.k.a influencer marketing – is a tactic that is becoming increasingly relevant in the world of franchise marketing and business development.

Influencers are individuals in each industry, demographic or geography that influence the target audience your business is trying to reach. They may be active on social media, online forums, blogging networks, personal blogs, and a number of other channels that consumers and prospective franchisees look at for information. With the help of these influential people, you can maximize PR results for a franchise by turning unaware consumers into engaged customers.

In short, influencer relations is the development and management of relationships with those seen as influential for marketing and PR objectives. PR pros seek out the most prominent individuals for a specific campaign or objective and collaborate with these people to share content, send out messages and ultimately educate and engage consumers and potential franchisees.

How to Find the Right Influencers

Identifying the influencers who will reach your target audience can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right tools. With online software platforms, such as Traackr or Followerwonk, you can search through thousands of social media and blog posts to find the best individuals for your specific audience and campaign.

Once you’ve identified the top influencers, you’ll need to start interacting with them via social media. A good way to get started is by sharing their content on your social media accounts so they’ll recognize you. The goal is to eventually establish a relationship with these individuals so they can promote your franchise brand, products or services. Then, you’ll be in a better position to directly contact them with your ideas for collaborating with content marketing or holding blogger events.

Why Utilize this Strategy?

There are several advantages to including influencer relations in your franchise sales or consumer marketing and PR strategies. Gaining access to a larger audience, generating new leads and customers, and increasing your franchise brand’s credibility are among the many reasons to utilize influencers.  Another benefit is that you create relationships with individuals who you can reach out to in the future for different campaigns. These influencers will continue to build and grow an audience base, which means that maintaining a long-term relationship with these people could help you generate strong marketing and PR results down the road.

By connecting with the right people and maintaining a stable relationship with them, you have the chance to develop new mutually-beneficial relationships for your franchise brand and online influencers.

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