How to Maximize Franchise PR Media Coverage

Public relations is an extremely powerful tool to break through the clutter and get attention for a franchise brand and franchise opportunity. Last week, we talked about four types of media coverage that can empower your pr strategy. However, quality franchise PR coverage is not easy to achieve. It takes time, persistence and a certain skill to communicate effectively with journalists to secure a story, TV segment or online news and feature coverage.

Be Persistent and Make the Extra Effort

Franchisors often make the mistake of thinking of media placements as “one and done.” Sure, media placements definitely generate leads the day they appear in a media outlet. But you can extend the life of the placement in a variety of ways, including:

  • Sharing it over social media
  • Posting it on your website
  • Sending it to prospects
  • Even linking to the placements in your email signature for weeks or months to come.

Build Bridges that Lead to Social Sharing

Franchisors can utilize a feature story about a franchisee that appeared in a high-level business publication, for example, in their advertisements and promotions by mentioning or linking back to the article or video. Franchisors can also link to stories and videos in company newsletters, which can result in employees sharing the link with their social networks.

Proven Strategies for Getting Ahead with Franchise PR

Trained media relations teams at PR firms spend their days and weeks plugging away to generate results – time and skills most franchisors don’t have. Investing in a PR agency’s services can yield significant ROI – if even a single placement results in multiple franchise sales, the agency’s annual retainer is covered, and then some.

Getting high-quality media coverage that reaches the right audience is worth the extra effort. It’s critical that franchise brands leverage social networks to give PR efforts even greater force. The strategy involves a little bit more elbow grease than publishing press releases over local and national wires, especially if you want to engage with a specific group of prospective franchisees.

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