How Franchise PR and Content Marketing Together Reel in Investments

It’s easy to confuse franchise marketing and PR. Both deal with promoting a business or brand, developing content and getting information and messages out in front of your target audience. However, each of these processes focuses on different aspects of the fast-paced digital world.

Marketers aim to position a product or service to consumers in a way that would cause them to purchase or invest, while PR pros are responsible for building stable relationships between a business and its publics. The two forces combine to make the perfect duo to develop a successful campaign for franchise brands.

Here are a few ways that franchise marketing and PR, both separately and together, create success for franchisors:

  • Lead Generation

There are a variety of digital tools that both franchise marketing and PR experts use to generate leads. EBooks, white papers and infographics are all examples of digital resources that content marketers use to offer leads. In exchange, leads provide you with their contact information. PR, on the other hand, focuses more on placing information in major media outlets via press releases and TV news segments. Fox and Friends is one news outlet that allows franchise brands to promote their franchise opportunities through broadcasted interviews and features.

  • Lead Nurturing

PR professionals utilize placements in different media outlets to nurture their leads. Meanwhile, content marketers use tools such as emails and e-newsletters. Both options allow strategic distribution of information and messages to build relationships and position the franchise brand as thought leaders.

Once clients get potential investors to their website or have them subscribe to their monthly newsletters, they need to compel them to research the company and consider buying in. By using unique calls to action that direct leads to specific information about the franchise opportunity, franchise brands can foster the interest and educate leads without heavy involvement from the sales team. An email campaign is an ideal strategy for  franchise brands to reach out to their leads on an ongoing basis.

  • Brand Awareness

Companies want to position themselves as innovative and unique to set themselves  above the competition. Brand awareness is at the top of the list for PR and marketing. Franchisors and franchisees can increase their brand awareness through PR via social media sites, press releases and other communication tools. These help you generate media exposure. It’s all about portraying the company in a way that is both true to its values and original. These are two qualities that a well-seasoned team of PR professionals specializes in. As for marketing, bylines and blogs allow total control over the messages and information being sent out regarding a company. That way, content will be creative and credible, two important characteristics of an investment-worthy campaign.

There are almost endless ways for franchise marketing and PR to combine forces and create unique content and promotional materials for a franchise company. The most effective strategies include seeking out and nurturing leads while building a positive brand image for the company. A combination of content marketing and PR to promote a brand is cost-efficient and creates buzzworthy news for their businesses.

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