Franchise Brands and Local SEO: What You Need to Know [Case Study]

One of the hallmarks of a truly successful franchise system is consistency. From the procedures each operator follows to the branding and logos used, franchise brands thrive on having a reliable, familiar image and experience that customers can recognize.

If you’re making that kind of effort to foster a consistent experience in franchise locations, why would you neglect your online presence?

While you’ve likely made certain your corporate website and search engine listings include the same information and branding across the board, it’s probably a different story when it comes to individual franchisees. This has a major impact on the local success of each location—and, ultimately, your entire system.

We’re talking about local SEO, the fuel by which your franchisees can increase traffic and boost the brand’s recognition.

What Is Local SEO?

Your franchisee’s online footprint helps develop their local SEO. According to, a local SEO campaign combines five key features:

  1. NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number
  2. Mobile Optimization
  3. Online Reviews
  4. Google My Business
  5. Local Link Building

Where Should You Get Started?

Your franchisees’ NAPs are probably the most fundamental factor of fostering strong SEO. So, when you or your franchisees list the franchise name, address and phone number on different pages of a website, social networks and review sites, it’s critical that all of the information is consistent. By doing so, Google and other search engines will be able to list the franchise and corporate location in local search results, helping to make the brand more visible.

At the same time, most consumers have a smartphone or another type of mobile device they use to search for information. As a result, your franchise brand and franchisees’ websites need to be optimized for mobile users. One way that many companies have been able to address this need is by using responsive design—either when their developers build out a website or making use of a template. This is pretty important when you’re working to support your franchisees. Google research found that 70 percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from the search results.

Review Sites
Especially when you’re trying to prop up a franchisee who may not be meeting expectations, review sites can prove useful for generating both online and in-store traffic. By linking to review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews, your individual franchisees can develop a strong brand reputation and help make a wider audience aware of a local franchise location. Even franchisee Facebook pages can provide a much-needed boost of online traffic of customers leaving comments and building local visibility.

To take a deeper dive into the benefits of local SEO for building up your franchise system, take a look at the case study below:

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