Fishman PR’s Content Marketing Teams’ Top Favorite Content Marketing Videos

Today, more and more franchisors are using videos as a marketing tool to showcase their business and its success. Videos are a great way to quickly grab your audience’s attention to tell them about your franchise brand and the benefits behind investing. In fact, 46 percent of users take some sort of action after viewing a video online, according to Videos enable strong storytelling in a short and memorable format that viewers can enjoy

So, because videos are remaining such a hot commodity, I decided to ask the rest of my content marketing team what their favorite content marketing campaign video is. Here’s what they had to say:

Rachael Wachstein – Vice President of Content Marketing

I like Subway’s “Summer with Cimorelli” campaign due to its brilliant layering of paid, owned and earned media. It has content that resonates with the target audience and has a solid distribution strategy.

Jessica Kumor – Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing is about getting people talking about your brand and Dollar Shave Club has certainly managed just that. At almost 18 million views, Dollar Shave Club’s video managed to not only inform viewers about who they are and what they do, but keep people amused (if not outright laughing) and talking about the brand. So many marketing managers lament not having the budget to create epic pieces of content, but this video shows that with a good idea you can accomplish great things at very minimal cost. All of these reasons and more is why I’ve watched Dollar Shave Club’s video at least 20 times and will definitely watch it again in the future. What’s not to love about a dancing bear and a machete?

Hayley Eselevsky – Content Marketing Account Coordinator

Who doesn’t love Chipotle and a good Willie Nelson cover of a Coldplay song? In all seriousness, I really like this video because it really gets the viewer thinking about the extensive process of what goes into the food we eat that we oftentimes ignore. It establishes Chipotle as an industry leader in sustainable food and being responsible in the manner in how they provide food to their customers.  As soon as the farmer in the video makes the change to treat his animals better and take better care of his land in return, the viewer feels a sense of relief and liberation… seriously I get choked up every time!

Allie Grossett – Content Marketing Coordinator

I still can’t believe that this four-minute video was created out of multiple six-second Vine videos! I loved how they asked their customers for help by inviting them to create short clips of flying paper airplanes, paper boats and origami. It was really cool to see the paper airplanes, boats and origami traveling throughout the world. I think AirBNB did a great job with this campaign; they made an effort to engage with their customers all while inspiring others to consider exploring the world in a creative and unique way. This video definitely showed me that there is so much to see in this world. I definitely want to make an effort to travel more this year.

Arthur Shabashevich – Content Marketing Intern

This is by far my favorite piece of content marketing from last year. It summarizes what I love most about Redbull’s content marketing department: They take amazingly creative and extreme ideas, couple them with a short run time and wait for them to go viral. Redbull is a company that has done an excellent job of building a young, cool image around its brand by offering genuinely fun and “share worthy” content. Take this video for example, it provides viewers with a short, intense ride on a rollercoaster, all while strategically keeping Redbull’s logo in frame. My heart rate goes up just watching this at my desk.

Dmitry Starikovsky – Graphic Designer

It’s interesting, easy to follow and a rare piece. It offers viable, informative content that’s not just something for entertainment’s sake. No matter where you are targeting, advertising your page on Facebook is a waste of money!

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