Does Your Franchise Sales Website Make Your Job Easier? [Webinar]

When you published your brand new franchise sales website, what were your expectations?

  • A larger volume of leads
  • Higher quality prospects
  • A more streamlined sales flow

We all know that you’re not going to sell hundreds of franchises directly through your website, but these three expectations are completely reasonable—if you’ve put in the time and effort to build a high-performing franchise sales site.

Coping with Lackluster Franchise Sales Strategy

You need a powerful plan of action—not just a website. However, FranConnect’s 2015 Franchise Sales Trends Report found that just 12.5 percent of franchisors were very satisfied with their sales strategy. The largest segment—38.9 percent—were only somewhat satisfied with the results of their sales tactics.

It’s no secret that many franchise brands put more effort into their consumer-facing marketing and outreach. This is a shame because you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t make an effort to create an online franchise opportunity that’s as attractive, informative and engaging as possible. This will also take a big weight off the shoulders of your franchise sales managers.

Let Your Website Do Some of the Heavy Lifting

Most franchise sales departments are pretty lean. According to the FranConnect study, most brands—50.7 percent—have between 2 and 5 franchise sale managers. Meanwhile, 33.8 percent have just a single person responsible for franchise sales strategy and activities.

The franchise sales cycle can be an extended process. Research from MarketingSherpa found that 22 percent of business-to-business organizations require at least 1 year to push a lead to a sales conversion. Most companies—48 percent—take between 3 and 6 months to close a deal.

Meanwhile, 82.6 percent of franchisors expect their sales manager to close between 5 and 20 unit sales per year.

So, how do you meet these expectations? You need to invest in your franchise sales website to:

  • Tell an effective story
  • Assist leads in researching the opportunity
  • Offer a relevant experience for prospects
  • Nurture leads through the sales funnel
  • Maintain a steady flow of informative, engaging content

How? Join us for our upcoming free webinar detailing the steps you can take to develop a kickass franchise website…

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