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Company Overview

Fishman PR is the largest agency of its kind in franchising. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that focus on helping franchise brands grow. We drive growth and help franchise brands move forward through powerful and creative PR, content marketing and social media strategies. Whether it’s marketing support for franchise sales and consumer objectives, events, or traditional PR, we know what it takes to create get the right attention for your brand.

We have a long history and proven track record of generating positive media coverage and building awareness for a wide variety of franchise brands. We have unique insight into franchise systems, making us specialists in developing PR, content marketing and creative brand awareness campaigns in the right way.


Our mission is to carefully listen to our franchise clients’ needs and create strategic marketing, PR and social media programs. By doing so, we help them reach their franchise sales and consumer awareness objectives.


We’re only as strong as the people who we work with. That’s why we foster a culture that encourages creativity and collaboration. We also recognize our team members for their efforts and reward results. We promote professional development opportunities to ensure our staff stays ahead of the curve on digital technologies, social media, marketing and the latest PR practices to keep up with the changing media landscape.

We work with team players with a positive, forward-thinking attitude and proactive work ethic and those who understand and love the challenge of working in a fast-paced agency environment. Social and professional events encourage healthy competition among the staff to generate consistent results for our clients, providing rewards and benefits to those who excel.

What We Offer

  • Press Materials Development
  • PR strategy development (national, regional and local)
  • Grand openings
  • Media training for executives and franchise owners
  • PR Toolkits for franchisees
  • Social media campaigns
  • Internal communications support
  • Marketing support for consumer and franchise sales objectives
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Website development
  • Social media services
  • Online marketing services

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