5 Ways to Attract the Media to Your Franchise

A popular gourmet burger franchise brand wants to drive customer traffic over the 4th of July holiday weekend. Aside from traditional marketing and advertising, the brand wants to generate free publicity and stand out from the dozens of competitors in the category by doing something that will attract media attention in key markets across the country.

So, how does a franchise brand get noticed by the media? Here are five tips to consider when planning a system-wide PR promotion:


In order to get immediate coverage, your idea should be relevant and timely so that the media feels a sense of urgency to report or cover it. Your promotion should play off pop culture or current events, such as the presidential election, the Oscars or a charitable cause like ALS.


Think about what would make the media want to cover your brand over all the other pitches they receive from other burger chains. Media outlets receive hundreds of emails a day from PR agencies for an article or segment idea. Do something that stands out, such as changing the color of your buns for the day to match the holiday theme, giving free burgers to drive-through customers who can sing the Star Spangled Banner without any mistakes or providing a portion of proceeds of red, white and blue fries to a military veteran’s organization.


Emotional value is among the many qualities ofwhat makes a piece newsworthy. Many people make decisions based on emotion rather than purely logic or reason, especially when the cause is close to home.  Think of how people can connect with your franchise emotionally. Maybe your franchise supports local veterans, and therefore customers can honor them by coming into your restaurant and donating on the Fourth of July.

In a franchise system, it’s important to keep your content simple so that it’s compatible for all of your branches. If you’re going to offer red, white and blue french fries on Independence Day, make sure each restaurant has the capability of doing so.

In our crazy, digital frenzy of a world, visuals are becoming increasingly important. Coming up with images or infographics to aid your pitch can help producers and editors get an idea of how the concept will look in print or on TV. You want to paint a picture of how a burger grilling segment would play out on TV. Once they start to visualize it, they’ll be more eager to get the deal in motion.

Be Persistent

Attracting the media’s attention can be tough when you’re competing with hundreds of other franchises and local independent businesses. However, focusing on the uniqueness of your segment helps you attract the media and drive those customers in for some burgers over the holiday.

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