5 Reasons Why Franchise Brands Should Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is a force that has the power to influence franchise prospects, provide brands with a greater reach online and target audiences with compelling, relevant information.

The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs report, “B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends North America,” highlighted the expanding role content marketing in B2B marketing strategies. For instance, 93 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing compared with 91 percent the prior year. What’s more, 44 percent have a documented strategy.

How can your franchise brand leverage content marketing? Get a plan in place—here are five tips to create a more powerful strategy.

1. Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing builds trust between the prospective franchisee and the brand. Think of content marketing as the handshake at a networking event. The brand introduces key pieces of information about an industry that emphasizes the company’s expertise. The prospect then identifies high-quality and relevant content with your brand. At the same time, they can later make an informed investment decision—with your brand in mind.

2. Online Reputation Management

One of the best and worst parts of the Internet is that every piece of data and content is essentially put into a permanent digital record. What happens when a disgruntled franchisee decides to take the Internet to produce reputation damaging reviews and blog posts? Without a strategic content marketing plan in place for reputation management, negative reviews float to the top of the search results and send up a red flag for prospective franchisees.

3. Lead Generation

High-quality content that is informative and engaging drives traffic to your website. From that point, specific landing pages featuring lead capture forms can transform your site into an essential tool for your franchise sales manager. After all, the number one listing on Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the traffic, and the second position captures 18 percent, according to a study from online ad network firm Chitika. Traffic degrades the further down in the search results you go. It is crucial for your brand to integrate targeted—and branded—key terms into your Web copy to help drive traffic from search engines.

4. Lead Nurturing

As a lead navigates your website, strong content that speaks to the audience will educate and inform—further developing the lead nurturing program. Getting a lead to the site is only the first step. You need to not only have information-rich and compelling content, but also a clear path for the franchise prospect to follow. If the visitor immediately bounces off your site, it’s a lost opportunity.

5. Lead Scoring

Interactive, high-quality content will encourage a website visitor to provide information about themselves that is useful for your brand. Your franchise brand can get insight into which leads are high or low quality by gleaning information from lead capture forms, newsletter sign ups, downloaded content and analytics showing the type of content getting extended views or the most clicks.

As content marketing continues to grow and bring new business prospects for a wide variety of brands, you should make certain your franchise brand has a well-developed strategy to ensure you’re able to successfully grow your system.

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