5 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Franchise Consumer Outreach

Pinterest is a valuable resource for franchise brands looking to connect with their audience. Companies can utilize the site to visually share valuable product and brand information and generate traffic to their website, as well as other social social channels.

However, relatively few small businesses have taken advantage of Pinterest, with just 5 percent of all U.S. companies using the service. On the other, 67 percent of all content posted to Pinterest comes from a business website. This allows for

A Clear Opportunity

With more than 100 million active members visiting Pinterest every month, the social media channel generates significant traffic and is a unique way for franchise brands to add to their social footprint with highly visual, engaging content. It’s also an effective a way to get referral traffic back to your franchise website, meaning the content you post on Pinterest—especially visually-engaging images of products or services—can be easily shared with a wide net of members who are then driven back to your website.

Here are several key reasons why Pinterest is a great tool for franchise consumer outreach:

  1. Establish Thought Leadership: Sharing your own branded content and that of other industry influencers and leaders gives your audience increased motivation to follow your boards and brand. Creating boards that complement your products or services and cater to what interests your audience helps keep them engaged and informed.
  2. Reach Your Audience Visually: Pinterest allows brands to share presentations, chapters from white papers and eBooks, articles, infographics and videos. Data-driven visual information, like infographics, give audiences a new way to digest information about a brand.
  3. Drive Traffic to your Website: Be sure to include a source in the description of your original pins. Pins have a long life, so you will want to ensure that each time it is re-pinned, the image is spreading brand awareness. Add the permalink to a corresponding blog post or product page so consumers are led back to your franchise website or blog.
  4. Generate Product Sales: Coupons, contests and cross-promotions are just a few of many ways franchise brands can leverage Pinterest as a platform to drive product sales and generate consumer traffic. Pinterest also has a tool referred to as “Rich Pins,” which allows businesses to update prices, product availability and product details directly on the pin, making it easier for consumers to take the next step toward a purchase. Utilizing keywords and hashtags in your pins’ descriptions also helps consumers find exactly what they’re searching for on your Pinterest boards.
  5. Improve Search Rankings: The product images you pin aren’t confined to the boards of Pinterest. Pins are indexed by Google and other search engines, meaning brands that use descriptive file names have an increased chance of having their pins appear in searches. Search engines index images based on the file name, so brands should focus on using relevant keywords their target audience typically uses.

Pinterest is just one of many social media channels that franchise brands should use to increase engagement with their target consumer audiences. Employing this tool alongside Twitter, Facebook and Instagram adds a necessary boost to consumer outreach efforts.

Consider how a content marketing strategy for franchise development can be a great complement to your consumers outreach goals…


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