4 Ways to Invigorate Franchise Lead Generation Using SlideShare

Content marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for franchise lead generation. When you craft engaging and relevant blog posts, infographics, industry reports and social media posts, you put your brand in a great position to attract the right franchisee.

We’ve already discussed how SlideShare is a powerful weapon that you can add to your growing arsenal of valuable, lead generating content. What makes Slideshare particularly special is the fact that it’s gaining momentum among business owners and C-level executives. With so many franchise brands clamoring to attract the attention of potential franchisees, you should be leveraging SlideShare to distinguish your brand from the crowd and deliver information-rich, consumable content.

Here are four tips for creating a SlideShare presentation that will increase brand awareness of your franchise opportunity:

1. Create a Great Cover Slide

People make snap judgments based on what they see, whether they’re deciding to hire, date or become friends with someone. Your company’s SlideShare presentation is no different. The title slide will be the first thing that people see, and it will be the adjudicating factor by which they choose to click to see more or move on to another presentation. Keep in mind that your presentation might be embedded in a blog post or featured on a “related presentations” sidebar, going up against a variety of similar content. It has to pop. If your cover looks dull and uninteresting, that’s what people are going to assume of the SlideShare—and likely your brand as well.

2. Get Mileage Out of Evergreen Content

There is no sense in reinventing the wheel. You already have useful content on your company blog. Leverage it. The great thing about SlideShare is that you can take existing content and give it new life by transferring it to a more visual medium. This allows you to get more mileage out of evergreen content that still has value for franchise prospects who are researching your brand. Consider turning shorter eBooks, longer blog posts and lengthy infographics into visually-pleasing, easily digestable SlideShare presentations.

3. Make it Flow

A SlideShare presentation should have a clear progression and provide easy-to-understand points. A slideshow that potential franchisees can logically follow ensures that more prospects click through the entire presentation and will find the information valuable, meaningful and inspirational—meaning they’ll continue to investigate the franchise opportunity and connect with your brand.

4. Have a Clear Call to Action

Sharing content is great. But if an interested franchisee reaches the end of your SlideShare presentation and you don’t give them a next step, then you’ve built a bridge to nowhere. If there is no tangible call to action, they probably won’t investigate your brand much further because you’re not making it crystal clear what they should be doing next. Something even as small as “visit our blog” or “download our eBook” can do wonders for driving traffic to your landing page and lead capture form. Industry reports or longer content can yield a series of related SlideShare presentations that you can use to lead prospects through the sales funnel.

The most inspired marketing collateral will ultimately go to waste if you don’t develop a sound strategy to get it in front of your target audience. Prospective franchisees are hungry for information about your brand’s investment opportunity, and SlideShare is an effective, informative resource you should use to streamline your franchise development process.

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