3 Ways to Leverage Thought Leadership in Franchise Content Marketing

Building relationships with your audience is vital to marketing success. By creating a relationship with other industry thought leaders your audience frequently turns to for information, you can set yourself apart in a crowded world of content creators.

Content marketing is centered on the idea of sharing stories relevant to your audience and establishing you as a trusted source they can count on for relevant, timely and engaging information—in other words, your goal is to help prospective franchisees be more effective in researching franchise opportunities. But with such a vast amount of content available for prospective franchisees, it’s often difficult to cut through the noise.

Engaging a Community of Thought Leaders

Fostering relationships with other voices of authority in your niche community is a way to reach your audience with new ideas and information, and ultimately you want to inspire them to take action. The key is to connect with brands that share the space in your audience’s newsfeeds, timelines and email inboxes and can contribute content that complements your message and gives your audience a new perspective and additional insight.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Know your audience
    Before you can identify thought leaders to collaborate with, you have to know exactly what your audience is reading, posting and sharing. People tend to consume several different types of content, so it’s important to reach out to a complementary source your audience turns to for added value. From that point, you’re in a position to offer something unique that prospective franchisees can’t find anywhere else.
  2. Make the relationship reciprocal
    When first reaching out to a potential content partner, be sure to clearly communicate how utilizing one another as guest authors, sources, and co-hosts will benefit your common audience. For example, a previous client in the biohazard cleanup industry formed a content relationship with a blog focused on content for funeral directors because they shared space in a niche industry, had a crossover appeal and their messaging resonated with both audiences.
  3. Stay true to your style
    Content marketing should be a personalized experience for your audience. To keep a balanced conversation, find a way to respectfully maintain both your and your content partner’s style, messaging and voice. Varying opinions and different perspectives add valuable layers to a conversation for your audience.

Building Digital Bridges

When prospective franchisees take a deep dive to investigate your brand’s opportunity, they need third-party validation. Most people simply won’t take your word for it that your franchise system is the best investment, most visionary concept and has the greatest growth potential. Thought leaders who are willing to partner with your brand and share digital space to discuss a pressing issue or particularly innovative product or service will help your franchise brand enter a deeper, more meaningful conversation with your audience.

To learn more about content marketing’s role in generating and nurturing franchise leads, get started here…


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