3 Content Strategies to Improve Franchise Development Marketing

Many franchise brands consider content marketing as an additional service to add to their set of marketing tools. However, it is transforming into a well-managed, relevant business function. When you start to conceptualize content strategy over tactics, you transition from using content for specific projects to applying it as a method to meet your overall marketing needs. Content strategies enable your marketing collateral to become a necessary component for promoting your brand and improving franchise lead generation.

Content can be used in several ways to help companies promote their brand, facilitate sales and create relationships with investors. Here are three content strategies that can benefit your franchise brand:

  1. Manage the Lifecycle of Your Content

    Who’s in charge of your content? Take advantage of internal subject matter experts to add depth to your content. They can establish evergreen content for your franchise development-based content. Also, think about whether your content will exist indefinitely. Will you ever delete it? If so, when and why? Can you reuse content or adjust it to make it more relevant? The possibilities are endless now that content has gone digital. Think of managing your content as more of a product rather than a project. You can tweak, rehash and alter it to fit your needs as your franchise brand continues to shift its goals.
  2. Keep Tone Consistent

    While each piece of content created for a franchise content marketing campaign may be used for different ideas, products or services, it’s important to keep the tone similar to instill a sense of brand identity. There are a variety of people who control different editorials, blogs, newsletter and other sites. It’s important for these people to collaborate and choose a collective voice for each of these outlets. You want to be sure all websites and media platforms are true to the company’s image.
  3. Layout Content to Improve User Experience

    Make sure that the design of all your content is user-friendly so consumers can easily find and access what they need. The most important pages should be your top performing or most recent ones. These get the bulk of views and clicks. You should fill these pages with relevant content that both interests and educates prospective franchisees. You need to give a clear idea of what to expect from becoming part of your franchise system. Also, it’s important to have a blog linked to your web page with actively updated content that keeps your investors informed about your franchise opportunity.

As a franchise brand, it’s always important to understand your audience. Start by using content to help prospective franchisees research your opportunities and create a relationship with them. Once you’ve got an idea of who they are, start planning how to incorporate and utilize content marketing strategies. The digital world makes the options for content almost endless. With proper planning and organization, your content could greatly improve marketing results.

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